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REBELLE WOMEN is a non- profit organization focused on developing women in Latin America. 

Our Mission is for women to discover their strengths to grow into their true selves. 

We believe that in order to solve the gender inequalities and injustices in Latin America, we have to change the culture. We are a human-centered organization working with women who are willing to become a better version of themselves. 

We give them the tools and space to develop, through open-space technology, open-source blog, dialogue, collaboration, self-development and entrepreneurial spirit development.

We believe this is necessary for women in Latin America to strengthen their confidence, critical thinking, and develop their own criteria in order to thrive in our society.


51% of the population is constituted by young women 
54% of the population is poor or extremely poor

Education is one of the most powerful and tested drivers for sustainable development, and by giving women in poor areas access to human-centered programs, we give them the power to transform their lives and our culture, and they contribute to the economy and promote gender equality. 

"If all women received education, child mortality rates would decrease to 50% (3MM lives)"